Irish Citizenship

If your recent ancestors were born in Ireland, you may qualify for Irish citizenship by descent. This allows one to live and work in the European Union with no need for sponsorship, work permits, or visas. We'll review your qualifications, search official databases, and retrieve the certificates to complete your application.

Genealogy Research

Many people are curious about a family tale passed down through the generations, but genealogy research is often tedious and time-consuming.  Cabragh West Research can perform this work on your behalf and present you with the historical detail about your family that's been missing.

Genetic Genealogy

There are many different genetic genealogy DNA tests and testing companies available on the market, which can be confusing to navigate.  Cabragh West Research can help you determine which test best meets your needs, register and manage the test, and investigate all resulting DNA matches.

A Tailored Approach For Your Personal Project

Your specific research goals may require a combination of various services.  Think about what you hope to achieve.  Cabragh West Research can consult with you to design and quote a custom plan to achieve your goals including:

  • A set block of research hours
  • Official certificate or document retrieval
  • Cemetery headstone photography
  • Genealogy DNA test administration


  • Official certificate retrieval costs $80 per certificate required.  This includes the cost of the certificate, postage, and research time to identify the correct certificate.
  • Research time can be purchased in increments of 10 hour blocks, at $20 per hour.  This includes review/analysis of any prior research performed, preparation of a research plan for your specific project, performing research in various repositories and databases, preparing research summaries and detailed reports, and communication with the client.
  • Genealogy DNA test administration costs will vary based on the specific test required, testing company chosen, and amount of effort required to curate resulting matches.
  • Photography costs will vary based on time and costs needed to travel to the site.
  • If you'd like to present genealogy research, document images, and photography as a gift in a keepsake book, prices will vary based on number of pages in the book and binding quality selected.

If multiple services are bundled together, prices will be discounted.  Cabragh West Research will send you a detailed quote invoice for your review before you make payment.

Out-of-pocket costs including but not limited to photocopies, postage and handling, repository entrance fees, travel and lodging (when reasonable, necessary, and agreed upon in advance), database fees and the like, up to $50, will be billed separately and are due upon receipt. Expenses greater than $50 will be authorized in advance, by Client, in writing. Additional hours of research, as outlined in the research plan prepared for Client, will be billed at a rate of $25 per hour, in increments of no less than five (5) hours.

Next Steps...

Contact Cabragh West Research to discuss your personal goals for your research project.  We're happy to offer advice on how to proceed and can tailor a plan just for you.