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Our Approach

To us, there's a thrill in discovering information locked in the past.  Unraveling the clues in various historical documents to answer your questions is like an educational scavenger hunt!  Providing you with the complete picture of all our research -- or with the official documents you need to claim your heritage -- is a huge reward.

Meet the Team

Our Story

Valerie B. Prince always loved history in school.  She took up ancestry research as a hobby and traces her heritage back to early 1700s Mexico, late 1700s Dublin, Ireland, and mid-1500s northern Scotland. After obtaining her own Irish dual citizenship and volunteering to help others with their genealogy searches for several years, she decided to expand assistance to those who either don't have the time or the inclination to undertake their own research, or who simply want to apply for Irish citizenship without the hassle of subscribing to various databases to order the correct certificates.

Valerie B. Prince

Founder, Principal Researcher

Next Steps...

Contact Cabragh West Research to discuss your personal goals for your research project.  We're happy to offer advice on how to proceed and can tailor a plan just for you.